Play PADEL - sports activity, recreation and fun!
Everyone can play Padel!

Adults and children together

It is tipically played in doubles and couples can be mixed.

Padel is very good to maintain both fun and healthy life style.

You can play with Your friends or, make padel sociable! Meet people with your same passions!

Come and try padel!!!


Padel is funny and healthy.

It is played on a walled court about half a size of a tennis court.

Padel rules are broadly the same as tennis, but you serve underarm and the walls are used to bounce off the ball like squash.

The very easy to use racket simplify the gameIs stringless and shorter than tennis one and the balls are depressurized.


Everyone can play fallen tennis! Adults and children together.

It is always played in pairs. Couples can mix.

Great for keeping fit, fun guaranteed.

You can play with friends or, it can become an opportunity to meet new people who share your same passions. Join the large number of people who started this beautiful story.

Come and try the padel!

PADEL COURT - 60 minutes rent for 2 players

from MON to FRI, 8-16 (excluding holidays)
60 min – 160 Kn
90 min – 200 Kn

from MON to FRI, 17-24 (SAT SUN and holidays)
60 min – 220 Kn
90 min – 280 Kn

RACKET RENTAL 20 Kn (per person)

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